Black Lotus

Black Lotus is the first and most dangerous neogenetic terrorirst group.

The first official announcement of Black Lotus occurred 13th September 2034, when a brief manifesto was posted on the net taking responsibility for the Canton Incident; both an antibiotics-resistant cholera epidemic and the anti-phage viral vector produced by the Bank of Canton building to complicate the cleanup effort. As proof of their identity they revealed the primary carrier of the cholera epidemic, which they had modified to produce the antigen through his sweat glands. The manifesto did not reveal any ideological goals or plans, just a brief ominous statement that Black Lotus could strike again anywhere, anytime and that nobody would know why or how.

Since then Black Lotus has been involved in several incidents and attacks. The January 2035 Cambodia Incident, where opium crops and some people were targeted, the spread of bamboo root rot strain 203546, the appearance of transgene Tropaeolum drugs in Indonesia were just a warm-up to the Socotra Crisis. By now the original members of the group were diverging, and the outcome of the crisis is believed to at least partially have been due to an internal conflict. After the crisis, it is believed that only Miss Chou and Silken Rope continued as Black Lotus, while the other members scattered.

The 'new' Black Lotus has continued neogenetic attacks, usually carefully arranged for maximal media impact. The Edingburgh-Rostok outbreak of airborne schizophrenia in December 2035, the 2036 destruction of Lake Bonewitz, the 2038 genetic assassination of Mukulay Munuma and the 2039 sabotage of the Pinamar seawalls. Evidence has also accumulated that Black Lotus is supplying other neogenetic terrorist groups with the dragon pearl plasmid.

According to information from Siripong Siripool and Omicron Development collaborated by the extensive investigations from TTAG, IATF and NERD, Black Lotus began as a group of small-time criminals in Chongquing, apparently infected by a smuggled bottle of 2034 champagne. They fled Sichuan during the 2034 internal turmoil, apparently after getting involved in weapons smuggling between Guanzhou criminal networks and the Chonquing Free Traders Association. During their time in Canton they began to explore their powers, using them for criminal ends. The Canton Incident was apparently not intended as terrorism from the start, but the leader of the group, the enigmatic Miss Chou, apparently enjoyed the chaos and continued the combined criminal-terrorist work after relocating the group to Djakarta.

Psychological profiling of the new Black Lotus suggests that the members have undergone extensive self-modifications and mental drift. They can no longer be said to be the original Miss Chou and Silken Rope other than as a direct continuation of the original persons - their genetics, bodies and minds have by now been modified to the extent that they likely cannot be regarded as human. It is known that they regularly change bodies to escape detection, stealing identities from other people.

Black Lotus does not appear to be driven by any clear ideology. Instead it focuses on the spread of terror and anarchy on a global scale, as well as (likely) building a power base for the members. It is extremely dangerous and unpredictable.