Internationalist Jargon and Terms
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Abridor: Opener, someone enabling others to join the internationalist community. The term derives from the "barefoot teachers" with internet education that are common in Latin America.

Bazaar: Pseudo-adhoc project on the Net, organised according to the openware principles developed in the late 00's.

Biobot: Biological robot, a programmed bacterium or cell.

Cred: Ones money and credibility - the same thing.

Drone: A flying robot. Often used to denote any semi-autonomous machine or program.

Doublezeros: the 2000-2009 period.

Envirosthesis: Artificially maintained ideal personal environment.

Fish: a translation device (after Babelfish).

GameNet: The game, VR and general entertainment nexus of Net resources. Has connotations both of place, allegiance and industry ("He is a GameNet person").

Grey: An old person. "The Greys" refer to the large group of elderly, politically active people.

GodNet: The religious/spiritual nexus of Net resources.

Indboo: Industrial bamboo; modified bamboo used for building material, energy, food or anything else, one of the major crops in the world.

Infovore: Person or group consuming large amounts of data.

Internat: An internationalist, an international organisation or something international. Opposite nat.

International Zone: The areas not belonging to any nation or dominated by the international culture. Originally mainly airports, but now it has expanded to encompass many enclaves.

Invisible: Somebody living in incognito, only revealing their existence untraceably through the net. A lifestyle practised by people worried about being subjected to a fatwa or terrorism. The invisibles are sometimes called "The Invisible College" by nat conspiracy theorists and assumed to run everything in the world.

Meta: Something on an abstraction level higher than the current. To go meta means to take a step back and look at the bigger picture - which can be done indefinitely in an arbitrary number of ways.

Microfac: Microfactory, a flexible automated workshop or assembler machine that can produce a wide array of goods.

Nat: A nationalist, a national organisation or something national. Opposite internat.

Napster: A kidnapper using digital means to remain untraceable.

New Wells: The former third world cultures that have become sources of internationalists, especially India, Africa and the Latin American world.

Orbem Fortiter: (lat. hard drive) techno-opera by Miguel Sanyana, now used as the name for the whole music style of neomaterialist techno.

Org: Micro-organism: bacteria, viruses, prions, nanobacteria, biobots or anything else that can reproduce and do stuff on the microscale or below.

Oversea: Exiled people now part of internationalism, especially overseas Chinese and overseas Europeans.

Penguin: Adj. Something ideological or religious ("He's quite penguin about passenger traffic, you know"). From the pro-Linux fanatism in the 00's.

Point Zed: The point of complexity where a system breaks down and is replaced by something new.

Ponic: Adj. Food from hydroponics/aquaculture. Also used to suggest something or someone cultured in a tank or artificially.

Phurti: speed, acceleration, skill, the state of being on the cutting edge.

Reasons Age: Emerging term for the post-information society that is emerging. Instead of focusing on the ability do or know something, the real profit comes from knowing why to do it. Sometimes called the Wisdom Age or the Wisdom Economy.

Rev: To review something.

Som: Self-organised criticality. A state of a complex system which constantly adapts by a mixture of smaller or larger changes to remain stable. Regarded as the ideal form of organisation.

Shrewbrain: A small neurocomputer used to control drones. Named for the basic templates used in the first models, which was based on the tree-shrew.