Radical Unificationalist ship/habitat in deepspace, likely near molecular cloud Orion 23. The whole structure is approximately two kilometers across, built from nanofactured carbon-silicon plastics. Notice the typical Mother architecture of repetitive, recursive patterns combined with a simple basic symmetry. The markings are believed to be intended for approach navigation cues and location patterns for the semiautonomous repair units sometimes employed besides aesthetics. Docking is done at the two poles.

Picture from The Radical Unificationalists: A Collective-Intelligent Mother Clan by Eduardo Miranda et al in., Unity Press 2348. Reprinted with permission.

[Editors note: the veracity of the image has been questioned (eg. by Paul-Stevens et al 2349), who suggest that it may be a partial or complete falsification for security reasons. This has been vigorously denied, see (Romanoff, E342, Tanaka 2349) for a review.]