"What is this?"

"Part of the marketing drive of the largest recreation pharmaceutical company on Dionysos"

"The style isn't special meta. I find it very archaic. And those satyrs - what have they to do with their product?"

"It is a deliberate archaism, Xerxes. The second Dionysian renaissance, remember? Besides, the satyrs can always be used in spot or fink ads."

"Noted. But I think I have an idea to... uplift them. From atavism to the know-flow society. I want to adlapse that planet. That reliance on archetypes - they need to be saved from themselves. They need to realize the need for advertisement that aren't flat, have a Chatelie flow that blasts its way through the memetic defenses, causing accommodation, accommodation, accommodation!"

"Sure boss."

"Don't get meta on me, Kroesus."