Model of the interior of Simpleton, based on recordings from the 2193 expedition, gravity spectroscopy and neutrino interferometry. The overall density structure is fairly certain, but the exact nature of the interior remains conjectural. The topmost kilometer seems to consist of caumoflage/shielding imitating the ice cover of the other moons of Franklin. Beneath this shell a thick layer of massive diamond marks the boundary to the interior. The interior appears to consist of a honeycomb of diamondoid tunnels and chambers, with scales ranging from hundreds of kilometers down to the microscopic. The average density of Simpleton is approximately 1.67, showing that a large fraction of the interior is empty space. The central core appears to be dense and opaque even to neutrinos; its exact nature is unknown.

From Handbook of Filigree Studies, Eds. Jonathan Willis and Elizabeth Reyes-Miller, Armstrong University Publishing, 10th edition 2346.Reprinted with permission.