While the Promon has been hailed as a quantum leap in interstellar trade by many, there are still skeptics warning against the bandwagon.

"A fiat currency is a fiat currency, no matter what" says Alexander Ortega of Unlimited Futures Inc, Atlantis. "While the Promon is partially tied to investments on several planets, in my opinion the ties are so weak that it can only be called a fiat currency. It lacks objective value".

"Why introduce a new currency when there are existing, proven and stable currencies?" asks Ulrika Temmer of New America Projections. "The dollar and Landfall credit are well known, and the respective governments should definitely define an exchange rate. The claims of incomensurability are overstated". She also critizicises the use of AI: "The use of artificial intelligence in economics is unproved and a terrible gamble. I don't see how anybody can trust the Promonss, be it Open Source or not".

Klaus Rydell, Sunrise News Economic Review, 14 July 380 AC.