Mother ship near Adobe (DM+66 1281 I).

Total length 1502 meters. This ship, belonging to the Biolandscaping Veil sub-clan, is mainly dedicated to injecting and analysing microorganisms in the cloud layers of Adobe. The slick metal-ceramic surface is specially designed to allow aerodynamic alignment while the ship is suspended using the mother equivalent of GATA. In this picture is it refilling its bacterial stores at an orbital facility above Adobe.

Adobe, as can be seen in the lower part of the image, is currently a dry superterrestrial world with a thick and impenetrable atmosphere. The Mothers are injecting a steady stream of comets into it (which results in the cirrus-like streaks of ice crystals) while binding the excess greenhouse gasses and water in nanobuilt zeolite structures on the surface. Algae in the cloud layers are converting methane and carbon dioxide into complex organics which are processed by artificial macrosaprophytes on the surface. Energy for the process comes from fusion reactors on the surface distributing power through an extensive power-grid to the various semi-organic structures. The Shining Engineer Vector is confident that Adobe will be self-supporting and liveable (by Mother standards) within 160 years.