Roof garden on the Tower of Rartsch-Sslan in Capital. The garden, in the characteristic Naschraashass style is dominated by sterile Kee trees (by tradition the trees are sterilized by hand when they reach a certain age, this to pay respect to the Acts of the Gardener, which was allegedly written here in the 78th dynasty), different nantss plants and a thin covering of straa. To the right the memorial naantsch of Rartsch-Ka can be seen near one of the radial tree-bursts. The Tower is fairly typical of its era, with a flat roof garden on top of a cylindric building containing office-homes arranged in branches and recurses. The five buildings in the background are (from left to right) the Resplendent Office, the Lashaka Tower, the Cathedral of Empire, the restored Schar-natrata and part of the Cupolas of Lakan Neschsch.