"My brand is giving a 43-23 odds on the Yvettanne gambit"

<Risk aversive readiness> "Only if there are a tie. 65-65."

"What about Professor Ezrahali's prediction? He said it could not untangle itself from the constitutional limit on Rule 3934 and would be forced into a Gödel race with the others."

<Amused Contempt> "He is a hu."

"Track record, empirism!"

<Logical conciliation> "Kez yourself. We usually postpone evaluating until we have gained a two-level record of the game and contestants, but in this case 4u-II is likely correct. There are too few bandage points to stop a Gödel race."

"Too bad, I was looking forward to a complex game. Now it will just be a 201-308. As non-informative as a speech by Timone."

"Empirism is two-edged. I predict 82 on Ezrahali being wrong."

"You're on. Watch out for the falling limit banners."