Feel how all your muscles loosen up. You feel warm. All your tensions leak away.

You are totally safe and relaxed.

Imagine that you are floating on an air-mattress. Around you is a calm, blue and warm sea.

Feel how you are gently rocked by the waves. You are now totally relaxed.

Imagine that you see yourself lying on the mattress. You lie there, on the comfortable mattress.

A mild breeze picks up. Slowly you see the mattress with your body drift away from you.

Slowly, slowly the mattress moves away. You feel safe and relaxed.

Now the mattress is several meters away.

Now the mattress is quite a bit away. You can see your body lying there relaxed and enjoying itself.

Slowly, it moves towards the horizon. It becomes smaller and smaller.

Now it is just a tiny dot.

There it vanishes. You cannot see your body any more, neither do you feel any need to. You are completely relaxed and safe.

- Example hypnotic induction for depersonalisation therapy from the Orphic Manual, twentieth edition. Orpheus Press, 2347.