The Bork is little more than a movable particle accelerator. Practically all of the volume consists of fusion plants (Trinity Nuclear) and higgsmodulators (Geodesic Systems), with a smallish crew section sensibly placed near the center of mass and an ion engine module added almost like an afterthought.

The whole style seems to be ultra-functional clunkiness; I wonder if Heinlein Networks imagine they will cash in on some wave of retro-New American nostalgia or that their customers will be fanatic bottom-liners. Compared to the brash Nova ships we have seen, the comfy Chloe-built Arcadians or even the aggressive angularity of the McDaggart Transplanetary prototypes, it looks rather too much like a it is indeed mobile lab equipment. Letís hope the customizability is as good as Heinlein Networks boast.

Raymond Kingsman, Space Systems Review 23-5 214/2350