Welcome to University Tip and the Transhuman Research Institute! The premier academic nexus on Atlantis, famous throughout human space for breakthroughs in theoretical physics, human enhancement and nanotechnology.

We begin the tour at the sea-side visitors center. Note the murals by Rebecca de Barechi and others, depiciting the heroic history of science and rationality. Especially noted is the "Prometheus Triumphant", depicting the fathers of life extension and Vidrakandan Singh as Hercules freeing the titan of longevity from his chains of DNA.

Take the escalators up to More Square. Here are the original pyramidal buildings of TRI, constructed within months of the great Auction. While most of the colleges have since moved away and the buildings now house the TRI museum, the Sanchez Memorial Library and the TRI Coordination Council. Currently (as of week 25) the TRI museum displays its famous collection of nanotech memorabilia (especially worth viewing is the original manuscript on disc of Nanosystems).

Talke a leisurely walk down Bostrom Boulevard or one of the campus transbots. The surrounding buildings house many of the main institutes of the TRI Core, such as Biosystem Education Inc and Applied Psychology United. There are also some nexi (the TRI term for micro-power fraternities) as well as many restaurants and cafees where the local intellectuals meet to debate the main issues of today.

At the end of the Boulevard you face a choice: either walk across the bridge to Mesa 2, or continue into the Campus Forest. Mesa 2, dominated by the imposing Complex Systems Complex and temporary projects domes is an independent economic entity with somewhat unusual local rules; if you are interested in visiting it is best to review the local legal executive summary. Here you can visit the nonlinear systems shooting range and the impressive monument to Isaac Abdela and his theory fashioned out of stainless steel blocks held by antigravity.

The Campus Forest is part recreation area, part zoo. The different biotechnology and ecology institutes take pride in managing a complex ecosystem containging many new and unusual modified species of both terrestrial and atlantean origin. Scattered in the forest and in the foothills beyond many of the main colleges and nexi lie. The boulevard ends at Forest-Edge plaza in front of Aegis College. Around the plaza many of the student cafes and restaurants can be found. What better way to finish your exploration of University Tip with a local speciality such as the Panda-on-a-stick or the gene burger?