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Posted by Trey Palmer on February 01, 19100 at 23:58:27:

I recently picked up the Arms and Equipment Guide for the Verge and found a few "toys" that seem appropriate to the BIGV setting, especially as it gets more hostile out there.
Of note, I decided not to include the heat seeker rounds and or those that can be target designated, if only because they don't seem real likely in BIGV with its advanced spoofing technologies.

Hope y'all find it useful and enjoyable.

PunkThumper 6000 Stun Baton
T-Bar TN Blade
M9 9mmCharge Pistol
Hammer 5 11 mm Charge Pistol
K-Sat 100 9mm Zero-G Pistol
ARZ 6mm Charge Autorifle
Bulldog 9mm Charge SMG
IF-3 11mm Charge Rifle
AGC Autoflechette Shotgun
Devastator Flechette Pistol
Tornado 600 15 mm Sabot Pistol
M5 15 mm Sabot Rifle
Apache LX Reflex Bow
Commando 3000 Crossbow
Cobra F77 Dart Gun
KZ 160 Charge MG
Ronin 900 25 mm Sabot Cannon
ZK5 Grenade Launcher

Antiair Rocket
Antivehicle Rocket
CHE Rocket
AP Grenade
Concussion Grenade
Frag Grenade
Gas Grenade
Black Thunder AP Round
MightyMite Explosive Round
Archer AA Stabilized Round
Shredder C5 Flechette Ammo
B-Mace Gel Round

Scout 230 AET Assault Gear
Dauntless 29 attack armor

Sunrunner climate suit
Spinnaker parafoil
Grizzly ATV Groundcar
Invader ATV Cycle
Surveillance Gear
Nav Gear
Communications Pck
Bond-o-matic Molecule weld
Mr. Foamy Fire Extinguisher
TyKo Miniwinch
BerTek Circuit finder
TrailTech Rescue Pack
BerTek Powered Jaws
BerTek Laser torch
BerTek Pump, Portable
Instrument Packs
TyKo Heavy Duty Fan
General Industries Floodlight
TrailTech Solar Generator
Demolition Gear
TyKo Carbide Shears
Medical Walker
Surgical Kit
MCI Life Support Pack
IsoMed Forensics Kit

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