Advertising Slogans

100% Pure Cold Mountain

Amazing Heidelsheimat - Dreams for all seasons.

Aurore. A different light

Kimanjano will take your breath away!

Austinís World: A new point of view.

Beowulf. Experience Variety.

Beta Canum. At last!

Botany Bay. Get natural

Chengdu. A Destination for the New Millennium

Come to Crater before the tourists!

Drexler. Beyond Words.

Dukou: Beautiful one day, perfect the next

Earth. The Planet of Memories...

Ellis. You've arrived.

Eriksson. Big Country

Kwantung. Eternally Yours

Freiland. A whole world in a single valley

Haifeng. Islands for All Seasons

Hermes: It's a real pleasure.

Incredible Montana

Joi. Happiness off Earth.

Kie Yuma. Positively Transforming.

King. More than the usual.

Kingsland. There's only one.

Live it up in Hochbaden!

Live it. Visit Daikoku.

Niebelungen. There's no place like it.

Nous Voila. French made.

Paulo: Awaken To A Different World

Pure. Natural. Unspoiled. Avalon. The Way Life Should Be.

Stark. Ultimate in Diversity.

My Doris - Just a Smile Away

Surprising Sans Souchi

There's no place like Syuhlahm.

Uniquely Tirane.

Vogelheim. The Planet that Sings.

Where Else But Kormoran?