Human lifespan has risen 30 years this century. People around the
world are living almost 30 years longer now than at the start of the
century, mainly due to the successful fight against infectious
diseases, the director of the United Nations Population Division
said Thursday. The average global life expectancy is now around 80,
Joseph Chamie said. In the developing world, life expectancy has
more than doubled this century to about 70. "Over the 20th century a
silent and wonderful revolution has been taking place all over the
world," Chamie said from a health symposium in Brussels.
excerpt from InfoBeat 21Nov. 1997 era vulgaris

Magicians and alchemists have sought the legendary Stele of Immortality for millennia.
When it was finally discovered it was discovered not in the ruins of Hermopolis, but in a laboratory in California.
It mentions the three Deities of the Inhereited: Drosophilia Melanogaster, Caenhabditis Elegans and Mus Musculum,
said to know the secrets of health, medicine, rebirth and eternal life.