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These are resources that I think are so useful for my own gaming (or for my players) that I want to keep them together in one place. Deep linking (and hence broken links) galore.

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Stuff I Always Forget

All AI has 10 in all aptitudes unless otherwise noted.

Standard Muse [C332]: Muses are digital entities that have been designed as personal assistants and lifelong companions for transhumans (see AIs and Muses, p. 264).

INT 20. Skills: Academics: Psychology 60, Hardware: Electronics 30, Infosec 30, Interface 40, Professional: Accounting 60, Programming 20, Research 30, Perception 30, plus three other Knowledge skills at 40. [High]

“EMP weapons (p. 340) are very effective against swarms, inflicting 2d10 + 5 damage and a -10 modifier to all tests due to their damaging effects on the swarm’s communication abilities until repaired.”