Les Chevaliers du RÍve

We are somewhat more than our selves in our sleepes, and the slumber of the body seemes to bee but the waking of the soule. It is the ligation of sense, but the liberty of reason, and our awaking conceptions doe not match the fancies of our sleepes.
Sir Thomas Browne, Religio Medici

Chevalier du Reve is a roleplaying game set in 1670 Europe where the border between dream and reality has become blurred. Royal fÍtes extend outside reality, nightmares stalk the battlefields, half-dreams plot at the court - and the common people encircle their beds with mugwort and prayers to protect themselves from dreamed robbers and spies. Poets and playwrights war with philosophers and puritan preachers. Pirates from dreamed islands steal real treasures. It is an age of rakes, science, insanity and coffee.

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